Haunted Places in New Jersey
Phoebe D

                              By Phoebe Churchill

Haunted Places in New Jersey


     Haunted houses are found all over the world. We are now in New Jersey to find the haunted places that can scare you to  death.You will get the goosebumps and feel like someone is watching your every move.   You can become so interested you will probably want to go to these places to see for yourself if they are really haunted.

Phoebe D

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Haunted Places in New Jersey

New Jersey's Haunted Places

There are many haunted places in New Jersey.  Four of the most famous are:

  1. The Hunt House - Phillips burg, . too is the
  2. Fleming ton,Union The Union Hotel - Fleming ton
  3. The Red Mill - Clinton
  4. Fort Dix - Burlington County 

Phoebe D

Old Fort Dix

     There have been many ghost sightings at Fort Dix, New Jersey, especially at the Wilson Army Hospital.  People have seen a floating light orb in morgue and psychiatric ward. Many have heard what sounds like a grown man crying, even when there's no one else around.  Windows open by themselves and lights flicker off and on.  There are also mysterious drops in temperature in different parts of the hospital.  This is one of the most famous places in New Jersey that is supposed to be haunted.   

Haunted Places in New Jersey

Ghost Hunting Tools 

    Haunted Places are found all over New Jersey. You may not even know if you are living in one right at this moment.  You may hear a bump in the night that makes you wonder, is it a ghost watching over you while you are sleeping. There are many ways to detect a ghost in your house.   First, Dogs can sense their presence. If your dog is scared in the night or even barking at what seems like empty space, it could mean a ghost is living with you. There are many other ways too, like Electronic Voice Phenomenons (EVP).  This is when you use a recorder to capture a ghost's voice. A camera can take pictures of ghosts.  Video recorders can capture images you can't see. If you don't have have any of these things - just get a dog.

Phoebe D

Why Ghosts Haunt Places

     There are many ideas about why ghosts haunt places.  Some people believe the ghost may have unfinished business. Perhaps the ghost doesn't want to leave people they care about behind.   Some are just trapped here on Earth. They may want to know how they died. Some want to be noticed after they died. They want to visit their former homes. Some want to have their last moments on Earth to be wonderful.  

Haunted Places in New Jersey


1. Ghost-A dead person's spirit

2.  E.V.P - Electronic Voice Phenom en - when a ghost's voice
               is captured in an audio recording

Phoebe D


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Haunted Places in New Jersey
Phoebe D
About the Author


I got so interested in the ghosts because when I was little I could see ghosts and my mom could see them to.But the weird thing is that I was living in a haunted House since I was little and I wanted to find answers. So I started to think of way I could see them so I created this book. I started to get answers from websites and books to find the answers.Now I am so relived that I can help the dead and sent them to a good place.

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